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How to manage settings of stations?

New stations can only be added to the system by our support team and in most cases, each input on the Evocon data logger is considered as a station/machine and should be set up separately.  That is why you can only edit the settings of existing stations and not add new ones. If you would like to start measuring a new station contact our support.

In the station settings, there are different features for you to use. Each one of has a different purpose and is built to help you monitor your machines more effectively. See below for more information.

OEE happy and unhappy %

The purpose of this function is to give immediate feedback to operators about the performance of the work shift. When shift OEE in Lineview is above the happy % then Mr Evocon’s emoticon on the Lineview page is happy. When shift OEE in Lineview is below the unhappy % then Mr Evocon’s emoticon on the Lineview page is unhappy. When shift OEE is in between happy and unhappy, Mr Evocon’s emoticon is neutral.

set OEE target levels for production machines

Notification emails

Operators can send messages from the Lineview and sent messages will be delivered to emails that are defined for each station. These messages can be maintenance related or on topics that need reacting from managers. Follow this link to learn more about how to send messages from the Lineview.

Emtpy shift reason

Empty shift reason is a function that automatically adds a stop reason to empty shifts (no signals from the sensor). If the chosen reason is a planned stop, the empty shift will be taken out of the OEE calculation as it reduces planned production time. If the chosen reason is an unplanned stop, the empty shift will reduce total OEE. The function is useful to exclude holidays from OEE statistics. For example, if you have production scheduled from Mon to Fri, but Thu and Fri are holidays, then the system will automatically detect this and automatically add the defined stop reason.

automatic stop reason for accurate OEE

Product changeover autocomment

This feature automatically adds a reason to the stop that precedes a product changeover. The purpose is to help operators make their job easier. If the stop reason is always the same when making changeovers (e.g. Preparation) then by enabling this feature, the stop reason will be added automatically.

autocomment for product changeovers on a production line

Custom shifts

Custom shift allows operators to create shifts outside (or instead of) the scheduled shift times. When enabled, a button in the footer menu of the Lineview can be used for starting and finishing custom shifts. Read more about custom shifts.

Allow deleting of products

This feature is sometimes necessary depending on the production process of manufacturers. Excluding of unwanted production signals helps ensure correct OEE statistics in production reports. Read more about deleting false production signals.

How to edit station settings?

You can change all of the settings described above, plus others such as name, group and description under the Stations tab.

1. Go to Settings in Evocon and click on the “Stations” tab.
2. Choose the station that you want to edit and click the “Edit” icon.
3. Make changes in the pop-up window.
4. Confirm changes by clicking “Save”.

change production line/station settings, such as OEE

Note: For a better overview of data you can add stations to station groups (optional). Groups are recommended when a large number of production machines are connected to Evocon and they perform similar processes. To create a new group just click the “+” button in the “Station groups” table.