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How to analyse production downtime?

One of the many reports available in Evocon is the downtime report. The downtime report, that includes all gathered information on production stop reasons, can be analysed based on stations, products, operators or shifts. The report is structured so that users can easily understand collected data from machines, spot trends, discover opportunities for improvements and understand how each of the production stop reasons affects overall efficiency.

How does the production downtime report work?

  1. Go to Reports and choose “Downtime” from the report menu.
  2. Select a timeframe that you are interested in.
  3. Select how downtime is viewed. Either based on stations, products, operators or shifts.
  4. Click on a data point to see more details. Learn more about drill down.
  5. Analyse how many times stop have occurred (count) and how much time was lost (duration).
  6. See if operators have entered extra comments about stop reasons (notes count).
  7. Click on a stop reason for detailed overview.
  8. Analyse selected stop reason details.
Analyse production downtime report to understand production stop reasons and OEEAnalyse production stop reason occurrences and see how OEE changesGet data on all production stop reasons

How to get more out of the production downtime report?

There are many ways you can enhance the analysis of the downtime report. Try them out and see what works best for you.

Filter production stop reasons and see how it affects OEE

If you have any questions about the downtime report, then contact our support.