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How to add reasons for production stops?

Production stops are marked in Evocon with red areas that can be commented by operators. Knowing the exact reasons for production stops is important in order to gain transparency and understand where production efficiency is lost. Further analysis of downtime gives valuable information on what to improve and how to reduce waste.

It is also possible to add another layer of information to production stops by allowing production operators to choose the location of the stop on the production line. This feature can be enabled by contacting Evocon support.

Adding reasons for production stops

1. Double-click on a red area that marks a production stop.
2. Choose stop reason and group.
3. Add extra note for the stop if necessary (e.g. logistical problems).
4. Click “Save” to confirm the selection.
5. Selected stop reason will be added to the chosen red area.

Adding multiple reasons for one production stop

1. Single-click on a red area that marks a production stop.
2. Drag the sliders to match the length of the stop area to be commented.
3. Click on the new stop area.
4. Choose stop group and reason and click Save.
5. Add a second stop reason for the remaining red area if needed.

Deleting production stop reasons

1. Click “Downtime” on the bottom menu.
2. Find the production stop reason that needs to be deleted.
3. Move your mouse cursor on the stop reason and the delete icon will appear.
4. Click Delete and the stop reason will be removed.
5. You can now add a new reason for the production stop.