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How to register operators to production shifts?

Operators can be registered to work a shift in Evocon once the shift has started. This is highly recommended because it gives supervisors the ability to analyse the performance of all operators. The information can be used to identify which operator works best on what machines, which operator needs more training and also follow up with questions about how the shift progressed.

It is also possible to make the registration of an operator mandatory. Most of Evocon users choose to do this because it ensures that all production stops are identifiable and it brings more transparency to the manufacturing process. The other reason is that sometimes people just forget as they are more focused on the work at hand. In order to enable this, please contact Evocon support.

Registering operators to production shifts

1. Open the operators tab on the bottom menu.
2. Select operator working at the shift.
3. The operator will automatically be registered to work the shift.

Changing operators during the shift

1. Open the operator tab on the bottom menu.
2. Select new operator from the list.
3.The operator will automatically be registered to work the shift.