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I am Mr Evocon and I have been a production efficiency and visualisation enthusiast for over 8 years.

My mission is to help manufacturing companies learn and become more efficient by uncovering the unproductive resources in their manufacturing processes. Today I have over 600 production lines and devices under my supervision and friends in dozen countries.

I am a firm believer that the simplest way for production companies to get better is to visualize their shop floor processes. This allows production professionals on all levels to get instant feedback and information about the factory floor which they can then use to effectively manage their daily operations.

Evocon is the only OEE software solution which provides manufacturers with a tool to monitor the improvement projects they initiate so they would know what effect these activities have, what changes are working and what alterations are necessary.

I am now getting ready to bring even more value to my manufacturing friends and I am eager to get to know you as well.

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  • Clients in 12 countries
  • 8 years of experience with OEE
  • Over 70 production sites
  • Over 600 production lines
  • In 11 different industries