Evocon and Control Freaks Ltd, a systems integration company that operates in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom, have signed a partnership agreement for the distribution of Evocon’s OEE hardware and software solution in the UK.

The partnership is part of Evocon’s goal to bring its solution closer to their customers, and deliver manufacturing teams around the world the tools needed to improve their production processes and make every shift a success.

“We are happy to share our goal of exceptional service and passion for exceeding customer expectations with Control Freaks, a company with a great reputation for technical services. We know our customers are in good hands with the implementation of our solution and any support they might require”, said Fiona Guinee, Partner Program Manager at Evocon.

Control Freaks is an electrical engineering systems integration and electrical engineering company, specializing in the design and implementation of industrial automation and process control systems. Evocon’s OEE solution brings together automated production monitoring and OEE tracking through its IIoT hardware, and cloud software solution.

Control Freaks and Evocon see great potential for the adoption of a digital solution to track OEE in the UK, especially since Evocon’s cloud-based solution means it is ready for new generations of PLCs with MQTT protocols, which translate to minimum disruption to the client, and a fast easy way to become more efficient, productive, and reduce costs.

About the companies

Evocon is an Estonian technology company that offers manufacturers an automated solution for production monitoring and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) tracking. Evocon is currently used by manufacturers in different sectors in more than 50 countries worldwide, from food production, building materials, furniture, electronics, chemicals, plastics, and others. The company has a strong network of partnerships worldwide. Together, they are helping manufacturers improve their productivity, reduce waste, and support a culture of transparency and information sharing from the shop floor to the top floor.

Control Freaks are a British Systems Integrator who have been delivering the full range of automation solutions to their clients, across a wide range of sectors for more than 15 years. With a passion to help strengthen UK industry, and a strong reputation for delivering robust, intelligent and cutting-edge solutions – they are increasingly becoming the natural choice for customers and industry partners alike

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