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Getting started with Evocon

Follow the instructions below and start increasing your production efficiency with Evocon. Before continuing make sure you have set up all the hardware necessary to run Evocon. If not, follow our hardware guide.

Once everything is ready you can continue setting up the software by logging in at Use the login information we sent you by e-mail.

1. Set up your production lines

After logging in at go to the Admin module to set up your production line. The purpose of the Admin module is to configure your production process and its parameters. You can manage delay comments, products, stations (production line settings), production operators, shifts and user rights.

configure production lines, oee, availability, production stop, delays etc

Overview of settings in the Administrative module

  • Stations – manage settings of your production lines and create production shifts
  • Comments – define most common delay reasons for production stops
  • Products – enter products with cycle times for efficiency calculations
  • Operators – create and assign operators for production lines
  • Users – create and manage accounts for Evocon users at your company

For more details visit Learn more for administrators

2. Start monitoring your production data

The collected data from the production line is displayed on the Lineview page in real-time. It is designed to give instant feedback and overview of your production process.

The Lineview is usually displayed on the shop floor next to a monitored production machine on a 23″ screen. The screen enables production operators to comment production stops and visualize production efficiency. Tablets and touch screen monitors are also suitable for delay commenting and visual feedback.

critical production data - OEE, production stops, operators, efficiency

Information displayed on the Lineview

Timeline graph details:

  • information is displayed for one single shift,
  • the graph is divided by hours, each horizontal bar represents 1 hour,
  • produced quantity and target quantity is displayed in comparison at the end of each hour bar,
  • circles on hour bars represent registered signals from the production line.

Color details of the timeline:

  • green indicates good production speed,
  • yellow indicates slow production speed,
  • red indicates production stop.

Functionality of the Lineview

  • Select an operator – operator can be linked to a shift. The selection can also be changed during the shift by selecting or deselecting operators.
  • Commenting of delays – production stops (marked with red areas) can be commented by the operators. Multiple reasons can be defined for single production line stop if necessary.
  • Product change – product changeover can be marked on the Lineview if a new order is started.
  • Marking of defect products – defective products can be marked by clicking on a product circle.
  • Send a message – operators can send messages which are not directly linked to production efficiency to a designated e-mail address.
  • In office mode all pervious shifts can be viewed. This function enables users to review any historical shift.

For more detailed information visit Learn more for operators and Learn more for office personnel

3. Set up your dashboard

The objective of the dashboard is to provide real-time and informative management information. Dashboard is also used as a mean to display production information on the TV screens on the office or shop floor walls.

real-time production widgets - oee, availability, performance, quality, delays

Dashboard can be customized by the user according to the user’s needs and responsibilities. There are 3 types of widgets to choose from and up to 6 widgets can be displayed at once on one screen.

Widgets available in the Evocon system

  • OEE – Donut chart to indicate efficiency for a selected production line(s) for the selected period. The widget also displays the OEE of the previous period, e.g. if the widgets shows the OEE for this week, then as a comparison last week’s OEE is also displayed.
  • Delays – Displays a chart for selected number of top delays for selected production line(s) for the selected time period.
  • Charts – Bar charts for displaying dynamics of OEE, quantity, availability, quality and performance for defined time period and production line(s).

For more information about the dashboard visit How to set up your dashboard?

4. Start analysing your data

The Reporting page enables users to analyze collected data from production lines. All reports have an export and print option and are visualized with charts. Charts can be displayed for days, weeks, months, years or for the total period.

reports on OEE, cycle times, production delays, availability

Reports available in the Evocon system

Reports available for users include OEE, time usage, delay types, quantity, quality and cycle times. All reports give an overview over the selected period of time for:

  • Stations (production lines)
  • Products
  • Shifts
  • Operators

For more information visit Learn more for office personnel

Congratulations! You are now ready to start increasing your production efficiency.getting-started

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