How to add and manage Lineview users (for operators)?

Who are Lineview users in Evocon?

Lineview user role in Evocon is for production operators. The reason to call it a “Lineview” role or user, is that these users only have access to Lineview, where they see the information on current and previous production shifts.

In the Lineview, operators can register themselves to work on the shift, add comments for production stops, mark product changeovers and mark production scrap. This input that operators give is very important in getting correct OEE statistics and understanding the reasons for production downtime.

Important information about the Lineview user

  1. For ease of use, security and data access control we suggest having one user with a Lineview role per station, machine or production line. This user will be used by all the operators who work at that station and each operator registers themselves in the Lineview, when they start working. Follow this link to see how this is done.
  2. In case the production operator is responsible for multiple machines and needs to access real-time production information on those machines simultaneously then it is also possible to give this user access to multiple production machine or stations that are connected to Evocon.
  3. Users with the Lineview role should always be logged in with password saved to the local computer. This ensures that operators do not have access to Lineview outside of work which minimises the probability of malicious or accidental production data manipulation.
  4. We also recommend that the factory administrator creates all users with Lineview role in one factory so that there is one person in the company who is responsible for managing those users and their passwords.

How to create a new Lineview user?

  1. Firstly, go to “Settings” and “Users” and click “+” to add a new user.
  2. Enter username and name for the user.
  3. Choose Lineview as user type (you can create the user to the factory that is active).
  4. Define the station(s) that should be accessed by the operators.
  5. Enable time restriction if necessary. More information here.
  6. If operators have access to more than one production station then define a default station. More information here.
  7. Finally, complete the form and click Save.

How to add lineview users

If you have any questions about creating new users or managing existing ones then do not hesitate to contact our support.