How to add and manage operators?

When our support team sets up the system then they import the information about your operators and which machines they need to work at. Later you can change this information in Settings yourself.  Defining them and making sure that they register themselves for shifts is good because it gives the possibility to analyse operator based production reports.

How to add new operators?

  1. Go to “Settings” and click the „Operators“ tab.
  2. Click “+” in the table to add a new operator.
  3. Type in the first and last name of the production operator.
  4. Choose the station(s) where the operator will work.
  5. Click “Save”.

how to add operators

Note: you can edit and delete operators by clicking on the corresponding icons in the “Operators” table.

Required operator selection

For Lineview users it is possible to enable the required operator selection feature. This will make it mandatory for operators to register themselves at the beginning of a shift and before adding stop reasons in Lineview. The objective of this functionality is to improve operator performance and production efficiency analysis.

How does the feature work (for Lineview users only)?

  • When a shift starts then Lineview users can see the operator selection window if there are operators for the station.  It is possible to close the window without selecting an operator.
  • If there are any operators defined for a station, then the operator selection window is shown first when an operator tries to add a stop reason in Lineview.  It is impossible to add a stop reason if the user does not choose an operator.

By default this feature is disabled, but in case you would like to have it enabled, please send the request to our support using this e-mail: