How to analyse cycle times?

One of the many reports available in Evocon is the cycle time report. It gives insight into how the cycle times vary in time and helps understand if the set cycle time is correct or if you should change it. By continuously monitoring and improving cycle times (eliminating waste) you will be able to increase throughput and improve OEE.

How does the cycle times report work?

  1. Go to Reports and choose “Cycle time” from the report menu.
  2. Select a timeframe that you are interested in.
  3. Select whether you want to analyse cycle time of products or single stations.
  4. X-axis displays cycle times and Y-axis displays the number of times each cycle occurred.
  5. Analyse the chart to see whether the most occurring cycle time is what you have set as the target. If not, then make changes in product settings based on the data received from the report.

aanlyse cycle times

analyse cycle times

Note: set ideal cycle time is always converted to “sec/unit” format on the chart. Data table displays also the conversion.

How to get more out of the cycle times report?

There are some ways you can enhance the analysis of your production output. Try them out and see what works best for you.

  • Use filtering to analyse the data that interests you most.
  • Need a print handout for a meeting? Just click on the print icon.
  • Export collected production data to Excel for further analysis.

If you have any questions about the cycle times report then contact our support.