How to analyse OEE?

One of the many reports available in Evocon is the OEE report. OEE, which is the leading efficiency indicator in manufacturing can be analysed in Evocon based on stations/production machines, products, operators or shifts. The report is structured so that users can easily and intuitively analyse collected data from machines, spot trends and understand how each of the OEE components (performance, availability, quality) affect the overall efficiency.

How does the OEE report work?

  1. Go to Reports and choose OEE from the report menu.
  2. Choose a timeframe that interests you.
  3. Select how to separate data – whether data is shown for single days or combined for weeks, months or years.
  4. Select how to view OEE – either based on stations, products, operators or shifts.

analyse OEE

Note: If the selected date range and data separation parameter require the chart to display more than 30 values, the system automatically changes the separation on the chart. For example, if to set separation for days but the time period selection is 45 days, then the chart is in weeks

How to get more out of the OEE report?

There are many ways you can enhance the analysis of the OEE report. Try them out and see what works best for you.

analyse OEE

If you have any questions about the OEE report then contact our support.