How to change a user’s language in Evocon?

We are continuously adding new languages to our system so that all Evocon users would get the best experience no matter where they live. Some languages are only available for the Lineview and some are available system-wide. Below you can find a list of available languages and instructions on how to change a user’s language.

Available system languages

DE – German
DK – Danish
EE – Estonian
EN – English
ES – Spanish
FI – Finnish
PT – Portuguese
IT – Italian
PL – Polish
FR – French
NO – Norwegian
LT – Lithuanian

Additional languages only available for Lineview

LV – Latvian
SE – Swedish
RU – Russian
TH – Thai
NL – Dutch
EL – Greek

How to change a user’s language?

  1. Go to Settings and select Users
  2. Create a new user or edit an existing one
  3. Choose the preferred language for the user
  4. Click Save

Change user's language in Evocon system

If there is a language missing from the list that you would like to see in Evocon or you notice a mistake in the translations, then let us know at