How to add and manage Company administrators?

Who are company administrators in Evocon?

Company administrators have read and write access to all of the production factories and stations in the whole company. The main difference with the Factory administrator is that for a company administrator all stations over many production factories are shown in one list and not separated into factories.

Company administrator is usually a person who needs to make aggregate reports or change station settings, production stop reasons and products in many factories over the whole company.

New administrators can only be created by existing administrators or by Evocon personnel.

How to add a new company administrator to Evocon?

1. Firstly go to “Settings” and “Users” and click “+” to add a new user.
2. Enter a username and name for the user.
3. Choose company administrator as user role.
4. Define a default station for the user. More information here.
5. Finally, complete the form and click Save.

Add new company administrators to Evocon

If you have any questions about creating new users or managing existing ones then do not hesitate to contact our support.