How to set default station for users?

It is possible to set a default station for each user. If a user logs in to Evocon, he or she is automatically at a default production station.

The benefits of setting a default production station

Reacting quickly to problems on the shop floor is important to ensure that production is running smoothly and efficiently. A default production station can help achieve this by helping users quickly access the real-time production data (OEE, shift performance, production stops etc.) of their favourite machine.

How to set a default station for users?

  1. Go to Settings and open Users tab.
  2. Add new user or click edit for an existing user.
  3. From the list choose the station that will be used as a default production station for the user.
  4. Click Save.

Setting a default station for a user

Note: only existing users can edit their default production station.