How to drill down in production data?

In order to better analyze your production data use the drill down function that is available throughout our reports on OEE, downtime, quantities, cycle times and production time usage. By going deeper into the data that is collected with Evocon you can discover opportunities for improvements and understand what affects your productivity and OEE the most.

Common uses for the drill down function

1. Get a day to day overview of how OEE and production downtime have changed.
2. Drill down to a specific production stop to see its dynamic over time and see what extra notes the operators have entered.
3. Analyze operators to see what production stops are most common during their work hours or see which operators are most effective and who need additional training.

How to drill down into production data?

1. Go to Reports and choose the production report that you want to analyze (e.g production downtime).
2. Choose a timeframe for the report.
3. Click on the tab in the data table that is of interest to you (e.g. stations).
4. Click on a station that you want to analyze in more detail and you see a list of production stops for the selected station in the next layer.
5. Drill down further by clicking on a production stop.
6. Now you see a detailed view of the production stop (including notes from operators)

drill down production data

drill down production data

drill down production data

Mr Evocon tip: use the placeholder above the table to navigate back to previous layers.