How to use locations for production stop reasons?

Stop locations is a feature that one uses to get more insight into production downtime by registering where stops occur on the production line. Our support team can activate the feature if you send them a request via e-mail. Initial setup will be done with the help of the Evocon team and afterwards, users can add new locations or edit existing ones in Settings. When the feature is enabled, collected information can be analysed in the Downtime report.

When to use stop locations?

  1. When the production line has multiple workstations or machines and it is important to know in which part of the production line the stop occurred.
  2. When there is a common production stop reason but it occurs in different parts of the production line.

How to add a new stop location?

If the location feature is on then it is possible to add new locations. Operators can choose locations when they are adding stop reasons in Lineview.

  1. Go to Settings in Evocon and click on the “Stations” tab.
  2. Click on the station name for which you want to add a new location.
  3. In the „Stop locations“ table click the “+” icon.
  4. Enter the name of the location.
  5. Click „Save“.

Note: if you have multiple production lines with different locations then you can define them separately for each production station and you can edit and delete values by clicking on the corresponding icons.

stop locations