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How to set up a personalised dashboard?

The objective of the dashboard is to provide real-time production information about the different indicators available in the system. All users in Evocon (excl. Lineview users) have their own dashboard so they can create widgets and monitor the KPI-s that are most important to them. The dashboard is also used as a mean to display production information on the TV screens on office or shop floor walls.

What are the different widgets available?

  • OEE – This widget is a donut chart that gives real-time feedback of the OEE of a production line(s) for the selected time period. The widget also displays the OEE of the previous period. For example, if the widget displays OEE for this week, then as a comparison last week’s OEE is also displayed.
  • Downtime – The downtime widget displays information about the main stop reasons for the selected production line(s) in the selected time period.
  • Charts – This widget gives users the opportunity to display information about OEE, availability, quality, performance, quantities and scrap in a bar chart the for defined time period and production line(s).
production dashboard with OEE, performance, downtime

How to add new widgets?

1. Click “Add widget”.
2. Select widget type.
3. Set a title for the widget.
4. Select the time period for which the information will be displayed.
5. Select stations that will be included.

add new production widgets with OEE and downtimeadd new production widgets with OEE and production downtime

How to edit widget settings?

1. Click “EDIT” on the top right corner of the widget.
2. Adjust settings.
3. Click “Save” to confirm changes.

edit production widgets with OEE and production downtime

How change widget size and position?

1. Click the “Transform” button in the bottom right corner.
2. Change position or size of the widgets.
3. Click “Save” to confirm changes.

transform-widgets-1 transform-widgets-2