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  • In the last plant we connected everything by ourselves and did not even need help from the Evocon team.


    Lars Severin (World Class Manufacturing Coordinator), Saint-Gobain Weber Sweden

  • The implementation of Evocon was very smooth and the software is very easy to learn.


    Mats Johansson (Automation Manager), Tikkurila Sweden

  • The implementation process of Evocon is very straightforward.


    Lelde Grazule (Export Sales Manager), Hornbaek Baltic

  • Setting up the system was very easy and fast.

    Yara International

    Daniele Splendore, Yara International Brazil

Frequently asked questions

Your team can easily do the setup of Evocon. This eliminates the substantial implementation costs that usually come with such installations. Our user base across the globe is a good indication that implementing Evocon is a quick and an easy task.

The process in most cases is as follows:

  1. We help determine what hardware you need and how to get the production signal from your machine.
  2. DHL delivers our device to your doorstep alongside with the necessary sensor and cables (if requested).
  3. While the device is in transit, we provide you with instructions on how to set up everything.
  4. Once everything is ready, you connect the hardware based on the instructions and start getting real-time data about your production process and OEE.

Our support team will be guiding and helping you via phone and email along the way.

Have a look at our short explainer video about the setup to get a better idea of the process.

The hardware you need to collect data from machines or production lines is:

  1. Evocon’s device (used to log production signals)
  2. Ethernet cable
  3. Sensor or relay
  4. Display device (PC or tablet)

The Evocon device has four inputs, which means that it can register data from up to 4 different machines. Or you can use the device to connect four different measuring points from your production lines. As an example, you could connect one signal that registers filled bottles to one input, and connect another signal, that registers defects to another input.

For each device you install, you need an internet connection (via Ethernet) and a power source. And for each machine or measuring point, you may also need a sensor. This depends on your production process.

If you wish to display real-time data for every machine, then you need a PC with a keyboard and a mouse. The cheapest option is a Full-HD monitor with an Intel NUC (or Compute Stick). You can also use a tablet to display information.

Our team works hard to keep your production data safe, secure, and private. This is our responsibility, and we take it seriously and you have full control over who sees your production data.

We protect all data transmitted between Evocon and users using Transport Layer Security (TLS). Furthermore, we encrypt collected and stored data at rest using an industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. Also, our protocol is to apply encryption to storage of live service data, snapshots and backups.

Additionally, Evocon follows the SOC-2 protocol to keep the clients’ data safe. SOC-2 is an auditing procedure that confirms secure data management. SOC-2 manages clients data based on five fundamental principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. Read more on SOC-2

We know that trust is earned and not given. As a result of our continued efforts, today users in 30+ countries trust our service and we look forward to earning yours. Learn about security at Evocon.

Manufacturing companies in 12 different industries are using Evocon. The most popular signals that our system registers are pieces and boxes. But the system can also monitor running meters, litres, productive work time and flow production. You can read more about this here: “How Evocon monitors different production process types?”

Evocon’s OEE tracking software is very versatile. And even though all companies have a production process that is slightly unique, we can always find a suitable solution. To learn more about which production process types fit Evocon best, continue reading our article: “What production process types can Evocon monitor?”

Let us know the details of your production, and we will suggest how to set up everything so that you can start monitoring your OEE.

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