We built Evocon to inspire teams to unlock their true potential, through
transparency and understanding.

Back in the early 2000s, one of the founders of Evocon was working as a process engineer in a car windshield factory. The products of the company were in high demand, the factory was working 24/7 but they were not able to reach the level of demand that the market was expecting. Moreover, increasing production volume seemed very difficult.

Not having a clear picture of what the actual problems were made it challenging to find solutions that worked. As a result, people started to become frustrated, passive, and stressed out.

It became clear that the most important thing to solve was to provide everyone with information that was accurate and easy to understand so they could start utilizing their true potential.

Thus the idea of Evocon was born.

Meet Mr Evocon

Meet Mr. Evocon. He is the status quo of your factory. If Mr. Evocon is happy, you are doing good. If Mr. Evocon is sad, you need to improve.

Mr. Evocon’s emotions are the symbolic representation of the efficiency of your production process and they provide direct feedback to everyone in the factory.

Humanizing the process of feedback this way improves the adoption of Evocon and positively impacts engagement of people on the shop floor.

Evocon is global

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    We are helping manufacturers around the world remove waste and improve productivity.
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    Empowering communication within organizations in their local language.
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    From food and wood to plastics and metal production. Evocon is suitable for all.
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