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We are a team of diverse backgrounds who combine knowledge of production, design, user experience and technology to make it effortless for manufacturers to understand their production data.

Our belief at Evocon is that manufacturing systems should be easy to understand, help turn data to useful information on time and facilitate decision making. That is why simplicity, functionality and ease of use are at the core of our development philosophy – to offer more with less.

By working with our users, receiving feedback and acting upon that information, we develop an OEE system that is made by people to people. And we are convinced that with the right features, you can empower people to do more with less.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturing companies in 14 different industries are using Evocon. The most popular signals that our system registers are pieces and boxes. But the system can also monitor running meters, litres, productive work time and flow production. You can read more about this here: “How Evocon monitors different production process types?

Evocon’s OEE tracking software is very versatile. And even though all companies have a production process that is slightly unique, we can always find a suitable solution. To learn more about which production process types fit Evocon best, continue reading our article: “What production process types can Evocon monitor?

There are multiple options to connect production signals from your machines to Evocon. The most common way is a new industrial sensor. You can also use a sensor that is already available on your production line or machine. Another standard method is to use a PLC output connection using a relay (e.g. with Andon lights). These signals connect to Evocon’s device that sends the captured data to our cloud server in AWS.

If you have machines that already collect production data to a local database, then we can set up Evocon without using any additional hardware (data transfer is via HTTPS API requests).

You can read more about this in our post “How to get production signals from machines?”.

In general, the hardware you need to collect data from machines or production lines using Evocon is:

  1. Evocon’s device (used to log production signals)
  2. Ethernet cable
  3. Sensor or relay
  4. A display device (PC or tablet)

The final solution depends on your production process but here is a visual overview of what hardware you need.

To start monitoring your machines, we provide you with our Internet of Things (IoT) device, which can be set up by anyone in the company.  In fact, the whole process of setting up Evocon is very simple and straightforward:

  1. We get to know your production process by asking a few basic questions.
  2. We suggest a viable, reliable solution.
  3. We send the necessary hardware via courier and then provide follow-up instructions.
  4. Upon delivery, all your team will have to do is complete the installation by following the simple instructions provided.
  5. When ongoing support is ever required, we’ll provide it free via phone or email.

Moreover, the whole process of contacting our team and getting real-time data from your machines takes only a few days. Have a look at our short explainer video about the setup to get a better idea of the process.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a lean manufacturing tool and universal best practice to monitor, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of a production process. This could be an assembly line, machine cell, packaging line, filling machine, CNC machine or any other production equipment.

We use OEE because it helps us understand our production process.  By quantifying and visualizing all losses from our production line and machines, OEE not only shows what we produced with our resources but also what we could have produced. In other words, OEE helps us understand the true potential of our factories.

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