Key insights

Our report highlights the gap between the idealized world-class standard and the actual challenges manufacturers encounter in real-world scenarios. Frequently, the concept of “world-class OEE” is considered the ideal target for manufacturers. However, the practical approach for many businesses should be to concentrate on enhancing their current OEE scores instead of solely pursuing the often elusive world-class OEE standard.

  • The actual OEE averages for manufacturers in 2023

    • OEE scores, when averaged, tend to hover between 60-65%. This level is a good target to have as an organization.
    • Only ∼10% of manufacturing organizations have a world-class OEE score of 85% or above.
  • How HKScan improved OEE by 20% in 6 months

    • HKScan needed to better understand and visualize the current state of production, identify reasons for waste, and find ways to improve its processes.
    • By switching from paper-based monitoring to Evocon, HKScan can now quickly analyze performance by machine, crew, shift, or product and determine when and where performance issues occur

A global benchmark analysis from 50+ countries

Improving OEE is crucial for businesses seeking to optimize production, reduce waste, and stay competitive in an increasingly demanding market. By embracing the insights and best practices outlined in this report, you can significantly improve operational performance, ensuring sustainable growth and success in the global marketplace.