Even though some cases may seem unique (e.g. manual production), it may be possible to monitor your production using a creative combination of conventional methods, that would typically be used for counting products, measuring length, or monitoring machine working time.

Using a Push-Button to Monitor Manual Production

Using a manual push-button is one of the more popular solutions in non-conventional production. No matter how your products are made, as long as there is an operator who can press the button upon completion of a product (or a task), that is sufficient to generate production signals that can be visualized in our system.

using button to add product or scrap or mark machine work

Using Other Methods to Monitor Manual Production

There are also other ways, besides the usual methods. Evocon system is very flexible and versatile. It can read signals from pretty much any electrical system (motor, solenoid, switch, or anything else) through a relay.

And finally, if you have your own database or a data file with your production data, you can send it to our system via HTTPS requests. Evocon system visualizes your data – whatever type your production is. Please read more about this in our article about the hardware-free solution.

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