In this article, we look at the integration of Evocon’s OEE software and Arpedon’s MAINTNODE. Arpedon provides integrated state-of-the-art condition-based maintenance systems and asset supervision.

Arpedon MAINTNODE Integration Overview

Arepdon MAINTNODE integrates, in one operating system, sensors from the most well-known diagnostic technologies (e.g., vibration analysis, ultrasound, electric motor current signatures, thermography, fuels/lubricants/engine cooling media analysis) to improve the overall quality of maintenance activities.

MAINTNODE is a permanently installed system that can accommodate a vast variety of sensors as well as on/off signals from production equipment.

Integration overview

Operating status tracking

MAINTNODE gets the operating status of a production line from the PLC via Modbus or from an input on the MAINTNODE equipment. The information is then sent to Evocon servers in real-time.

This enables our clients to:

  • Track production downtime.
  • Track minor stops or speed loss in production.
  • Compare machine performance with other sensor inputs.

What are the benefits?

These are some of the benefits that our clients harness from the integration with Arpedon’s systems:

Overall, by integrating Arpedon’s systems with Evocon, our clients focus on decreasing downtime due to unplanned maintenance activities and increasing their equipment availability and OEE.

What is the cost of Arpedon integration?

Depending on the extent of the integration, fees may apply.

How the integration with Arpedon’s devices works?

  1. First, you need to have a MAINTNODE unit near your line.
  2. Connect with our customer support team to let us know that you would like to integrate MAINTNODE with Evocon.
  3. We make the necessary configurations so that Arpedon’s MAINTNODE can communicate with the Evocon API.
  4. Test the integration to make sure that everything is working,
  5. And you’re good to go. Evocon and Maintnode now exchange information so that you can improve your production performance and maintenance activities.

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