In this article, we look at the integration of Evocon’s OEE software and SAP ERP system. SAP ERP is software, that focuses on streamlining inventory and purchase orders for large enterprises.

SAP ERP Integration Overview

Why integrate your SAP ERP system with Evocon?

Most of our clients use the SAP ERP integration with Evocon for the following purposes:

  • Evocon reads job orders from SAP and receives a list of active jobs with job id, part number and part name for a manufacturing station.
  • Our system displays the list of job orders to a machine operator who selects which order is currently being worked on.
  • Evocon uses information from ERP to set a target cycle time, parts per one cycle, and other settings for the changeover.
  • Collected information on job orders is sent back to SAP after every hour (where applicable).

What are the benefits?

The SAP ERP system usually forms the core of a manufacturing facility as it contains data that other applications and departments need to work with. Thus, accurate information from the shop floor that Evocon provides is beneficial for the whole company. That’s why we strongly recommend SAP ERP integration with Evocon.

These are some of the benefits that our clients harness from the integration:

  • they get accurate information for cost calculation,
  • streamline data on production orders directly to the shop-floor
  • and increase the quality of planning efforts.

What is the cost?

We analyze the cost of the SAP ERP integration on a case-by-case basis. Once we understand the scope of the integration, we provide you with an exact quote.

Contact our sales team if you need a quote.

How does the integration work?

  1. First, you need to be using SAP ERP in your company.
  2. Then, you need access to ERP data via API.
  3. Connect with our customer support team to let us know that you would like to integrate your SAP with Evocon.
  4. We provide you with instructions on what you need to do and make the necessary configurations on our end.
  5. Finally, test the integration to make sure that everything is working.
  6. If all is well, then Evocon and SAP now exchange information, so that you can improve the accuracy of your inventory and purchase orders.

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