The importance of maintenance activities in a manufacturing company cannot be understated. Thus, anything that can improve the efficiency and the quality of your maintenance helps you run your business more productively. In this article, we look at integrating Evocon with a CMMS system.

Overview of Evocon’s CMMS Integrations

Why integrate Evocon with your CMMS system?

A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) enables you to maintain your machines and production lines at their peak efficiency while reducing the chances of equipment-related losses. In manufacturing facilities, a CMMS cuts down production failures by keeping your assets healthy through various strategies like preventive maintenance.

Since Evocon collects crucial information from your production process (real production cycles, uptime, downtime, reasons for losses, and more), you can significantly improve your maintenance efforts by integrating the two systems.

What CMMS systems does Evocon support?

So far we have integrated Evocon with Alldevice which is a cloud-based CMMS system.

If you want to inquire whether we support your CMMS system, then please contact our support team.

Types of integrations

Currently, we have done two types of integrations with CMMS systems:

Work hour tracking

Evocon sums up production time or quantities and sends that information back to the CMMS system. This information enables you to set maintenance intervals in the CMMS. And also check if maintenance activities are executed according to the plan.

Automatic work order creation

This integration creates a work order in the CMMS system when a machine operator enters a specific stop reason into Evocon. Then, maintenance personnel can react to the issue, fix it, and provide feedback.

Note: it is only possible if a technical stop is inserted in Evocon. Learn more about technical availability.

How do you integrate Evocon with an existing CMMS system?


Integration with a CMMS provider is configured via API interfaces on both services. The CMMS API access parameters are shared with Evocon’s system and the work of integration is done on Evocon’s part.

For customers, this is as easy as sending a few emails back and forth.


In case you would like to integrate your CMMS system with Evocon in a different way, contact our support team.

What does it cost to integrate Evocon with my CMMS system?

We analyze the cost of a CMMS integration on a case-by-case basis. Once we understand what CMMS system you use and the scope of the integration, we can provide you with an exact quote.

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