Digital tools are vital in the
changing consulting industry

Machine operator tracking OEE in real-time

According to the McKinsey report on data-driven companies, rather than solving problems by developing lengthy roadmaps, companies now want to know how innovative data techniques could resolve challenges in hours, days, or weeks. Moreover, 47% of consultancies anticipate a change in how buyers buy services, and 40% foresee the need for new skills.

Change is inevitable, and in order to keep up, you should think about it today.

Top anticipated business challenges for consulting firms (Hinge)

Finding a reliable solution partner can significantly decrease the time to actual improvements, increase competitive advantages, open new business opportunities, and increase trust and commitment between you and your clients.

Let’s drive the change together

At Evocon, we are committed to working closely with consultants to provide manufacturers with tools that significantly improve the time to operational excellence and world-class productivity. 

Evocon’s production monitoring system is focused on giving quick and actionable insight into losses that can quickly be turned into improvements by the expertise of our consultant partners.

evocon shift view
Real-time overview of shift performance and OEE
Dashboard with most important production KPIs

Evocon real-time data + professional consultation expertise = productive and continuously improving manufacturing companies

Benefits of partnering
with Evocon

  • Long-term attractive revenue-sharing model for the lifetime of the client
  • Risk and cost-free implementation with a free trial
  • High free trial conversion and upsell rate
  • Quick results and ROI for your clients
  • Full technical and commercial support and training from Evocon

Reliable choice for you
and your clients

  • Fast adoption – user-friendly system with a strong focus on visual feedback
  • Rated as one of the top OEE suppliers on Capterra
  • Trusted by manufacturers in 60 countries
  • Covering 16 different industries
  • System available in 22 languages
  • Plug ‘n’ play installation

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