Even though we offer Evocon as standardized OEE software for all manufacturing industries, we often get questions from clients regarding custom developments and new features. The article covers everything you need to know about our approach to such requests.

Overview of Custom Developments at Evocon

As the outline of the article points out, Evocon is a standardized OEE monitoring solution, and we have clients in more than 10 industries. What is more, the features and modules we’ve developed cover most of the needs that manufacturers have. Nevertheless, these are some of the questions and answers that you might have before implementing Evocon.

Are there any custom developments needed before implementing Evocon?

Since Evocon is a standardized solution, there are no further developments needed to start monitoring your machines. All you need to do is enter production-related information into Evocon, and you are ready to go. This information includes, for example, stop reasons, products, and shift times.

What if there is a feature missing in Evocon?

In most cases, when a client asks for a new feature or custom development, it is already something that has been requested by another client. We document and prioritize all the requests we receive. Features requested more frequently move higher up our priority list.

You can always ask our team whether the feature you need is in the near term development plan or not.

Do I have to pay extra to use a new feature?

Our system follows a bi-weekly update process during which we release bug fixes, improve the performance of the system, and periodically add new features. These are all included in the standard license fee, and no extra costs incur.

If there is a release of a new module, which will be as an add-on to the standard solution for an extra fee, then we inform our clients about this in due time.

What is the most common custom development we do for our clients? 

Software integration development between Evocon and other client information systems (i.e., ERP, CMMS) is the primary custom development we do to our clients. This helps them exchange data between the systems to get more value out of production monitoring.

Read more about our software integration.

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