For most companies that have improved their production process with us, it started by them trying our OEE software for free. This article explains everything you need to know about the details, process, and benefits of Evocon’s free trial.

What Exactly Is Evocon’s Free Trial?

In short, Evocon’s free trial is a 30-day test run of OEE tracking and production monitoring in your factory. We help you to set up Evocon’s OEE software on one of your machines or production lines, and you get all of the features, support, and service without any cost or commitment.

When does the 30-day period start?

The first day of your trial period is the day when everything is fully set up and working:

  • You installed the hardware at your plant.
  • Evocon system is receiving data from your machine or production line.
  • You have confirmed that the production signals are accurate.
  • You see your production data visualized in real-time.

Why only one machine?

From our experience, the best way for companies to run the Evocon trial is to monitor a bottleneck, which is usually one machine or a location on the production line. By running the trial on one machine, it allows everyone to focus on the problem at hand, the process of data collection, and how Evocon’s features help understand what is needed to eliminate the bottleneck.

Upon request, we can offer an extended trial. But depending on the circumstances, rates may apply.

What hardware do I need for the free trial?

As part of the free trial, we will ship you the hardware you need to get started:

  • Evocon’s IIoT device
  • sensor or relay if needed
  • and cables to connect everything.
hardware shipped by Evocon

Learn more about the hardware required to run Evocon and about the hardware-free solution.

Even though you can run Evocon’s free trial without making any investments, we recommend putting up a display device on the shop floor so that machine operators get visual feedback on the progress of shifts.

We don’t provide a display device out of the box because of the simple reason that manufacturing environments are very different. The easiest way is to use existing PC-s on the shop floor.

Note: After the free trial, if you choose to continue using Evocon and subscribe to the service, the hardware and shipping will be billed to your company. If you do not wish to continue, you need to return the hardware at your company’s cost.

All features, support, and service 

The trial of Evocon includes all the support and services that are available for the paying customers. That includes:

Unlimited users 

An important feature of Evocon’s service that also extends to the free trial is the ability to create unlimited users. This allows your company to get everyone involved. So that when you have tried our OEE software for free and want to continue, your whole team is already familiar with it and knows how to use the system.

How to Get Evocon’s Free Trial?

evocon free trial illustration white

Evocon’s free trial is a 3-step process, and you can get Evocon up and running in your factory within a week, no matter where you are in the world.

Here are the three steps you need to make to get Evocon up and running:

  1. You contact us via email to, live chat, or by registering on our get started page.
  2. We ship you the hardware (if you need it) and create you an account to the Evocon system.
  3. You set up Evocon with our help.

For a detailed description of this process, read our step-by-step guide on how to set up Evocon.

Once you have set everything up, and you confirm that Evocon shows correct information, we mark it as the beginning of your free trial.

Benefits of Evocon’s Free Trial

By trying our OEE software for free, you have a cost-effective way to evaluate whether Evocon suits your needs. And to assess the potential of production monitoring and digitalization in your company.

Assessing the potential of tracking OEE and production digitalization

The 30-day free trial of collecting and visualizing production data will show you:

  • Your current OEE and the room for improvement
  • The main losses in your production process
  • What activities and investments to plan to improve your production efficiency
  • How to move forward with production digitalization

Free Trial Report

To help you with the next steps and with the assessment, we provide you with a personalized free trial report that gives an overview of the 30 days with Evocon.

Moreover, our team gives recommendations on how to move forward. These recommendations are based on the experience we have gathered in our years working with different manufacturing companies.

Evaluating Evocon as a service

After you try Evocon’s OEE software for free, you will know:

  • Whether our system suits your production process.
  • What are the features and how they actually work in your production.
  • What is the level of Evocon’s customer support and service.

In other words, you will know precisely what you will be paying for, once you become an Evocon client.

If you sign up for our 30-day trial, you can experience Evocon without making any financial commitments, but you’ll get our full support during and after the implementation nonetheless.

And if you decide to discontinue after 30 days, the only cost you incur is the cost of sending the hardware back to us. Free trial terms of service

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