For Evocon to display real-time data about your production accurately, it needs to be configured to match your process first. Thus, there are some initial questions we need to ask you so you can get started with Evocon.

Initial Questions About Your Production

To come up with an efficient solution that fits your needs, first, we have a couple of questions for you.

  • What type of machine would you like to monitor?
  • Which signals are you looking to track (pieces, time, meters, etc.)?
  • What are your goals and expectations in terms of your free trial?

Important: If possible, please send us a short video of the production machine that you want to test Evocon on. You should make the video when your production is running and at the place you want to monitor.

The video and the answers to the questions help us identify what hardware you need and how to set up Evocon for you.

Information Needed to Configure Evocon

For Evocon to work properly and track your production in real-time, you will need to enter your products and other information into Evocon. The information we need to set up Evocon according to your production is:

  • Products and cycle times – If you have more than 10 products, we can help you enter the information faster by importing them to Evocon.
  • Shift times
  • Downtime reasons – If you need help defining downtime reasons, please read our article: How to define machine breakdown causes?
  • Operator names (optional)

Is production information available in your ERP system? Then all you have to do is export it to Excel and we’ll import the data straight to Evocon. This makes the setup process much easier.

After the free trial, we can integrate Evocon with your ERP system for further benefits. For example, send information about products and job orders automatically to Evocon.

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