What is OEE and why does it matter?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a lean manufacturing tool and universal best practice to monitor, evaluate, and improve the effectiveness of a production process. This could be an assembly line, machine cell, packaging line, filling machine, CNC machine, or any other production equipment.

We use OEE because it helps us understand our production process.  By quantifying and visualizing all losses from our production line and machines, OEE not only shows what we produced with our resources but also what we could have produced. In other words, OEE helps us understand the true potential of our factories.

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Is Evocon able to monitor my production process?

Manufacturing companies in 14 different industries use Evocon. The most popular signals that our clients monitor are pieces and boxes, but we can also track running meters, liters, productive work time, and flow.

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How do I connect my machines and production lines to Evocon?

There are multiple options to connect production signals to Evocon.

  • The first and most popular way is to either use an existing industrial sensor or to install a new one.
  • The second option is a connection with machine PLC via a relay.
  • Another way is to use Andon lights.
  • Finally, there is a hardware-free way, using HTTPS requests.

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What hardware is required for each machine or production line?

In general, the hardware you need to collect data from machines or production lines using Evocon is:

  • Evocon’s IIoT device (used to log production signals)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Sensor or relay
  • Cable and connectors (to connect signal to our device)
  • A display device (PC or tablet)

The final solution and the hardware requirement for you depend on your production process.

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What hardware is supplied by Evocon?

Typically only the Evocon’s IIoT device is supplied by our team. If necessary, we can also provide cable, connectors, sensors, and relay for an extra cost. The display devices will have to be procured by your team.

Our support team will let you know what hardware you need based on your production process and machines.

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How do I implement Evocon in my production?

The whole process of setting up Evocon is very simple and straightforward:

  1. We get to know your production process by asking a few basic questions and suggest a viable, reliable solution.
  2. We send the necessary hardware via courier and then provide follow-up instructions.
  3. Upon delivery, all your team will have to do is complete the installation by following the simple instructions provided.

When ongoing support is ever required, we’ll provide it free via phone or email. Moreover, the whole process of contacting our team and getting real-time data from your machines takes only a few days.

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How secure is my production data in Evocon?

Our team works hard to keep your production data safe, secure, and private. This is our responsibility, and we take it seriously, and you have full control over who sees your production data.

We protect all data transmitted between Evocon and users using Transport Layer Security (TLS). Furthermore, we encrypt collected and stored data at rest using an industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. Also, our protocol is to apply encryption to the storage of live service data, snapshots, and backups.

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Is it possible to integrate Evocon with my ERP system?

Integration with an existing ERP system is by far the most common type of integration that we do. So far, we have integrated Evocon with various different ERP providers. For example, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics (NAV and AX).

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How much training is required to use Evocon’s system?

Evocon is an intuitive and easy-to-use system that required very little training. Most users will learn to use it by just clicking around and trying out the different features. Additionally, there is an up-to-date Resources page and plenty of help texts in the system that help you understand how the system works.

When implementing Evocon on a broader scale, then we train key personnel of your company via a webinar. The webinars usually last for an hour, followed by a Q&A session.

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What if I want to cancel my Evocon subscription?

During the free trial period, you can cancel the Evocon subscription at any time, as there are no financial commitments. And if you cancel the service during the free trial, then the only requirement is that you send back the hardware that we provided. After the free trial period, the notice time for canceling our service is two months.

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