This article gives an overview of how Evocon provides its customer support so that you’ll know exactly what kind of service you get and what support to expect when using our OEE software.

How Evocon provides a 5-star service to manufacturers around the world

We understand that clear communication is the cornerstone of excellent customer service. That is why Evocon has different support channels to make sure that you have multiple ways to reach out to us whenever the need arises.

By providing you with the means necessary to get in touch with us, we can make sure that you receive the timely and relevant help you need and expect.

Designated Support Team

This starts with Evocon’s designated customer support team. All of the questions and issues that arise get handled by our experienced in-house staff who are closely familiar with the product and our service.

Nothing goes unhandled or unresponded by our support team.

Evocon’s Support Statistics

Here is the data to back this up:

  • 1m 41s response time for live chat
  • 65% of support tickets receive a response from our team in less than 2 hours.
  • 52% of support tickets resolved on the first response from our team.
  • 95% of support tickets receive a response within 24 hours.

Simply stated, our support team is working actively to solve any issues that arise, and to ensure that you are never forced to deal with any possible problems alone.

Evocon’s Customer Support Channels


As we have clients around the world, the best channel to get help is by sending an email to This will alert our whole customer support team, making sure that help is on the way.


Once you are already in contact with a member of our support team, you’ll have direct access to their phone number. This mode of support is mostly necessary for technical questions or instructions for setting up Evocon.

Live Chat 

Live chat is another very popular medium to be in contact with our support team. The best part of this feature is that you can get in contact with us inside the system and don’t have to navigate someplace else to get help.

The best thing about the live chat functionality is that all of your previous messages and emails are there for you to review. So whenever you need to go back and review a solution, you can access it by opening up the chat feature inside the system.

24/7 Support, Even when our team is away

Our up-to-date Knowledge Base features step-by-step instructions and tutorials on how to use Evocon. From managing production stop reasons to adding new users and other FAQs. The easy-to-use Knowledge Base helps you find answers to most pressing questions on your own.

What is more, you can browse our Knowledge Base articles directly from the live chat. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can start a live chat in just a few clicks.

What about on-site customer support? 

Since Evocon is a cloud-based service, then our customer support team handles most inquiries and support questions either via email, phone, or live chat. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and in some cases, we do make physical visits to the customer’s site.

If a client requests on-site support, then we’ll analyze the need and offer it for an additional one-time fee.

Availability monitoring

Rest assured that we’re always monitoring Evocon’s platform to ensure maximum availability and performance. There are multiple automatic systems in place to alert us of any issues that might arise and affect your use of Evocon.

If any issue is detected that will impact you or require your attention, then we’ll let you know what to expect. We’ll also let you know what actions to take and when the service will be returned to its normal flow.

Client Testimonials on Evocon’s Customer Support

The best overview of our customer support and service is through the words of our customers.

“Exceedingly good experience, throughout, with the support from the Evocon team being excellent and the readiness to participate in two-way development proposals is refreshingly nice, as we have the system that we want.”

“Awesome customer support, fast reaction.”

“Easy to install. Great customer support. For this money, there is no other program in the world.” 

You can get a full overview of customer reviews on Capterra.

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