As Evocon is a SaaS-based solution, we get many questions about Evocon’s OEE software price. For example, what is a license, what is included in the license price, what is the cost of hardware? This article covers the most frequently asked questions about Evocon’s pricing.

Answers to Common Questions About Evocon’s Pricing

For the most up-to-date information on Evocon’s OEE software price and plans, please visit our pricing page.

What makes up the price of Evocon?

There are three factors that make up the standard price of Evocon for your company:

  • Software licenses
  • Evocon’s IIoT device
  • Additional hardware (sensors, cable, displays)

Extra fees can occur for integrations and custom developments.

What is a license?

The license is the right to use Evocon’s OEE software. Evocon’s total licensing fee and the price of each license for your company depends on the number of licenses your company needs.

What counts as a license (i.e., measuring point)?

What counts towards a license depends largely on your production process. A good rule of thumb is that if you want to visualize the production data of a machine or a production line, then this would count as a license.

Monitoring production machines

In most cases, one license equals one machine (e.g., CNC machine). So if your factory has 10 machines and you want to monitor and track all of them, you would be looking to get 10 Evocon licenses.

Monitoring production lines

When you want to monitor a long production line (e.g., bottling line) and visualize the data of multiple points on the production lines (e.g., capper, filler, labeler), then each of the measuring points wound count towards an Evocon license.

If you only want to monitor the end of the line (output), then one production line equals one Evocon license.

What does not count as a license?

Monitoring production quality automatically

If it is possible to automatically register scrap (i.e., defective products) using a sensor or a PLC signal, then this is not considered as an Evocon license.

A very typical example of this is a bottling line that we mentioned in the previous section. We can use one sensor to register the input at the start of the line and a second one to register the output. The count difference between those two signals is displayed as a quality loss.

Note: machine operators can also manually enter scrap information into Evocon or make corrections.

Monitoring control signals

In some cases, it’s necessary to connect additional signals from the machine to make sure that Evocon registers actual production. For example, machines that have a manual mode for setup and adjustments and automatic mode for production. We could use the automatic signal to only register good production. Other control signals don’t count as Evocon licenses.

The second example is the extrusion of plastic pipes. In this case, we measure the length of the tube with a rotary encoder, but in order to register actual output, multiple control signals are needed. As in the example above, the control signals don’t count as licenses.

Combining multiple signals to one screen

In some cases, a production line is split into multiple packing stations. Total OEE and production of such line would be measured as a sum of these stations. Signals from multiple sensors would be summed up on one screen. This kind of setup would count as one license.

What is included in the license price?

Evocon offers transparent and fixed licensing, where the whole service offering is covered by the software license fee. The license and OEE software price cover the following:

  • All software modules
  • Data extraction
  • Customer support
  • Annual maintenance of software
  • Software updates
  • Evocon’s IIoT device firmware updates
  • Implementation support and configuration
  • Training and onboarding support
  • Data storage for 4 years
  • Unlimited users

What is not included in the license price?

The main parts of our service that are not included in the license price are:

  • On-site visits
  • Evocon’s IIoT device
  • Hardware (sensors, cables, displays) and shipping
  • Integrations
  • Custom developments

A good rule of thumb is that any special requests are probably not included in the license price.

What is the price of licenses?

As with most license-based services, the more licenses you have, the lower is the price for one license. The standard price of one license (up to 10 machines) is displayed on our pricing page.

If you are not sure how many licenses you need, or you need more than 10, then contact our sales team, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Monthly subscription vs. Annual subscription

When you are just starting with Evocon, we recommend our monthly subscription plan. From our experience, there are multiple reasons for this:

  • Implementation: You don’t yet have a clear understanding of how fast you can implement Evocon in your factory.
  • Culture: You may wish to move on with a full implementation, but your people might not yet be ready.
  • Resources: You may find that you don’t have the internal resources to manage the digitalization project and need to start smaller and prolong the project timeframe.

For these reasons, it makes more sense financially for you to opt for the monthly plan at first.

We recommend the annual plan for companies who have completed the full implementation of Evocon in their factory and have used Evocon for a considerable amount of time. The annual plan offers a 15% discount.

What about price hikes after I have started using Evocon?

It is our goal to provide you with a transparent service, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

In case there are any increases in Evocon’s OEE software price, then we’ll negotiate any changes in the license price with you first. The new license price is effective as of 60 days after the agreement. If you do not agree with the price change, then you have the right to terminate the agreement.

What if I want to cancel my Evocon subscription?

During the free trial period, you can cancel the Evocon subscription at any time, as there are no financial commitments. If you choose not to continue with Evocon after the free trial, then the only requirement is that you send back the hardware that we provided.

After the free trial period, the notice time for canceling your Evocon subscription is 2 months.

Do I need the Evocon’s IIoT device, and what is the price?

Whereas the Evocon’s OEE software price is a recurring fee, then the cost for Evocon’s devices is not. You can find the price of our IIoT device on our pricing page. If your production data is already available in a database and all you need is Evocon to visualize it, then you can set up Evocon as a hardware-free solution.

What other hardware related costs incur with Evocon?

The additional costs related to the hardware necessary to run Evocon largely depend on:

Our team will help determine all of the above during and after the free trial period. Lastly, we’ll add a shipping fee to any hardware you want us to provide.

What is the cost of integrations?

ERP integration

Since most ERP providers don’t have an open API, the integration still requires custom development from our team. The extent and difficulty of the development largely depend on the ERP system that you have. As well as what data we need to send to Evocon and from Evocon. That’s why there is no flat fee for ERP integrations, and it’s best to contact our support team to get a quotation.

Integrations with other systems (e.g., CMMS)

We analyze the cost of all integrations (e.g., CMMS) with other systems on a case-by-case basis. Once we understand the details of the software that Evocon will be integrated with, we can provide you with an exact quote.

What is the cost of custom developments?

As with integrations, we handle all custom developments on a case-by-case basis. Read more about custom developments.

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