Easiest way to manage and improve production efficiency

Evocon gives you all the tools you need to get real-time data from your machines and improve OEE.

15% increase in OEE in a matter of months

"Evocon is the “heart” of our daily follow-ups regarding production and we also use it on a daily basis to cover the needs of maintenance and activity planning."

Lars Severin, World Class Manufacturing Coordinator, Saint-Gobain Weber Sweden

80% of users report hidden waste they were not aware of

"Evocon itself is not a magic bullet. It helps people understand what is actually going on in the production process and realise their true potential."

Mark Wetherill, author of “OEE at Work – A Practice Guide to Managing Overall Equipment Effectiveness”

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    Real & transparent information from your shop floor

    With Evocon’s automated production monitoring system you gain visibility into your production process so decisions can be made based on facts, not guesses.

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    Empower your people to be more productive

    It’s easy for your team to have focused conversations about production when they have one reliable source of information that Evocon provides.

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    An intuitive and easy to use OEE system

    Data only makes a difference if it gets used. Evocon makes production data easy to understand for everyone in your company.

Machine utilisation is one of the best indicators of the health of your company. If there are issues within processes – be it planning, maintenance, safety, supply chain, production – then this will be reflected in your machine data. Understanding, what is actually happening in production and why enables you to plan improvement activities that innovate your production and increase efficiency.

This process of continually monitoring and acting upon machine data helps drive productivity in your company as it involves all stakeholders into a continuous improvement and learning process. And that is why Evocon is more than just an OEE system. It is a service that helps gain the transparency needed to transform your manufacturing.

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  • "A more transparent manufacturing in one moment."

    Andrus Mölder (Factory Manager), Valio

  • "It's the best system I’ve seen in my 25 years as a plant manager."

    Juha Eriksson (Plant Manager), Saint-Gobain Weber

  • "Production efficiency up 15% after first month."

    Henno Haava (Chief Production Planner), Saint-Gobain Glass

  • "The system has been really useful in helping us optimize our bottling process by giving us detailed overview of the reasons for our downtime."

    Marina Savinova (Baltics Quality Specialist),

  • "Evocon is a very friendly tool that is enabling our line and business managers to track and increase our equipment´s efficiency."

    Daniele Splendore, Yara International Brazil

  • "The Evocon system is a great tool for clearly showing us when we are not being effective on our machines."

    Jacob Larsen (PEX Specialist), Jeld-Wen

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