Monitor production, track downtime and improve OEE

Evocon is a visual and user-friendly OEE software that automates the data collection from machines and provides real-time information about production performance.

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  • Without Evocon, we would not have been able to realize the step-change in our continuous improvement program. Visual Management at its best.

    aivar künnapuu yara

    Aivar Künnapuu, VP Operations, Sales & Marketing

    Yara International ASA

  • A truly great tool for those who want to improve their production ΟΕΕ. From the first days of its use, we have achieved a significant improvement in ΟΕΕ. I highly recommend it.


    Kostas Faltsetas, CEO

    Adam Pack

  • Evocon is at the “heart” of our daily follow-ups regarding production, and we also use it on a daily basis to cover the needs of maintenance and activity planning.

    lars severing weber sweden

    Lars Severin, World Class Manufacturing Coordinator

    Saint-Gobain Weber Sweden

  • With Evocon, there are no more gut feelings and emotions in weekly meetings, everything is visualized and clear to understand. And we gained 15% of OEE in 3 months.

    peeter põder toftan

    Peeter Põder, Mill Manager


  • Evocon enables us, in real-time, wherever we are, to see our production output, reasons of stoppages and loosing of speed on production lines in our factories.

    Liviu Vancea saint gobain

    Liviu Vancea, Purchasing Director

    Saint-Gobain Romania

  • User friendly, easily understandable, great visuals for reports, gives instant information. And the top benefit is the increase of production volume by more than 25%.

    lelde kalinka hornbaek

    Lelde Kalinka (Export development LEAN)

    Hornbaek Baltic

  • Evocon has helped us create an environment where employees are not afraid to point out possible improvements or problems and production data is clearly visualized.

    joni kariluoto meconet

    Joni Kariluoto, Project Manager


What are the key benefits of using Evocon's OEE software?

identify production bottlenecks evocon

Enhance communication and discipline

Create an environment where people communicate and collaborate.

shop floor discipline and communication evocon

Track machine downtime

Clearly understand how much downtime you have and what are the reasons.

visual feedback production operators evocon

Give visual feedback to operators

Help production operators understand how they are performing.

real time production performance monitoring evocon

Monitor performance in real-time

Clearly understand the performance and OEE of your production equipment.

automate data collection production evocon

Automate data collection

Remove unnecessary paperwork by automating data collection.

How to start monitoring your production with Evocon?



First, you need to register for the free trial. After, we ask a few basic questions and suggest a viable, reliable solution.



We send the necessary hardware via courier and provide follow-up instructions on how to implement Evocon.



Upon delivery, all your team will have to do is complete the installation by following the simple instructions provided.

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Evocon's OEE Software is used globally

evocon oee software used globally
We are helping manufacturers around the world.
Empowering communication within organizations.
From food and wood to plastics and metal production.

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Evocon Online Product Tour

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Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturing companies in 14 different industries use Evocon. The most popular production output that our system registers are pieces and boxes. But the system can also monitor running meters, liters, productive work time and flow production. And even though all companies have a slightly unique production process, we can always find a suitable solution.

To learn more about how to monitor production with Evocon and what hardware you need, read our article: How to Monitor Production and Track OEE Using Evocon?

There are multiple options to connect production signals from your machines to Evocon. The most common way is a new industrial sensor. You can also use a sensor that is already available on your production line or machine. Another standard method is to use a PLC output connection using a relay (e.g. with Andon lights). These signals connect to Evocon’s IIoT device that sends the captured data to our cloud server in AWS.

If you have machines that already collect production data to a local database, then we can set up Evocon as a hardware-free solution (data transfer is via HTTPS API requests).

Learn more: How to Monitor Production and Track OEE Using Evocon?

In general, the hardware you need to collect data from machines or production lines using Evocon is:

  1. Evocon’s IIoT device (used to log production signals)
  2. Ethernet cable
  3. Sensor or relay
  4. A display device (PC or tablet)

The final solution depends on your production process but you can learn more from here: What Hardware You Need and Does Evocon Provide It?

The process of setting up Evocon takes only a few days and consists of three steps:

  1. Contact us, so we can learn more about your production process and suggest a viable, reliable solution for you.
  2. We send the necessary hardware via courier and provide follow-up instructions.
  3. Upon delivery, all your team will have to do is complete the installation by following the simple instructions provided.

When ongoing support is ever required, we’ll provide it free via phone or email.

Learn more: Step by Step Guide: How to Set Up Evocon?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a lean manufacturing tool and universal best practice to monitor, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of a production process. This could be an assembly line, machine cell, packaging line, filling machine, CNC machine, or any other production equipment.

We use OEE because it helps us understand our production process.  By quantifying and visualizing all losses from our production line and machines, OEE not only shows what we produced with our resources but also what we could have produced. In other words, OEE helps us understand the true potential of our factories.

Learn more: What is OEE and how does it work?


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