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Production efficiency. Learn to be Lean.

Evocon is a cloud-based production efficiency software for manufacturing companies.

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Increased transparency

  • Visualize factory floor processes and track OEE
  • Benchmark manufacturing performance
  • React faster and eliminate production delays
  • Get accurate data for cost calculation

A move towards industry 4.0

  • Track and compare production in real-time
  • Increase effectiveness with smarter reporting
  • Reduce downtime with preventive maintenance
  • Get up and running quickly with cloud technology

Improved employee participation

  • Engage production teams to be more effective
  • Implement and track improvement projects
  • Improve decision making on all levels
  • Raise labour motivation factory wide

  • Increased production efficiency.
  • Limited free trial.
  • Free tech support.
  • Includes hardware necessary to run Evocon.

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  • Saint-Gobain Weber

    “Evocon is the best system I’ve seen in my 25 years as a plant manager.”

    Juha Eriksson, Production Manager

  • Valio

    “A more transparent manufacturing in one moment.”

    Andrus Mölder, Factory Manager

  • AQ Lasertool

    “Evocon has helped us discover opportunities for improvements.”

    Rein Volt, Managing Director

  • Karums

    “Evocon has introduced a new level of transparency to our production process. It also serves as a spotlight for all areas of potential improvement.”

    Andis Jurjāns, Head of IT Management Processes

  • Saint-Gobain Glass

    “Production efficiency up 15% after first month.”

    Henno Haava, Chief Production Planner

  • Jeld-Wen

    “Evocon is a great tool for clearly showing us when we are not being effective on our machines. Additionally the facts from Evocon are seeing more and more use in process improvement projects.”

    Jacob Larsen, PEX Specialist

  • Boomerang

    “Evocon gives important feedback in regards to unproductive work hours and reasons behind them and it also drives discipline among employees that we were struggling with in the past.”

    Jonas Heinonen, CEO