Why partner with Evocon?

We believe that collaborative partnerships are key to digital transformation, driving results and innovation. Our partners value how we are able to turn the production data of their clients into prompt improvements and how quickly everything can be set up.

What types of partnerships do we support?


Improvement consultants

As an expert in improving production processes you know the value of accurate and actionable data. We have the tools to give you precise insight into improvement areas, you have the knowledge of using the data.

Together we create a holistic service to increase the value and trust for our clients.

What to expect:

  • A plug ‘n’ play monitoring tool providing prompt and transparent overview of the main issues in production processes.
  • Improved decision-making process and consultation based on accurate real-time data.
  • Remote access to your clients’ data.
  • Dedicated account manager and system engineer.
  • Full commercial and technical support from Evocon.
  • Personal demo system account and full training.
  • New leads from Evocon.
  • Access to new long-term recurring revenue streams.
  • Access to Partners Resource Centre.

Service providers

Your company provides innovative digitalisation services in the manufacturing sector. You’re focused on providing an excellent customer experience and help them improve their every day processes.

Working together to serve the market opens the door to new long-term client relationships.

What to expect:

  • Enrich your portfolio with a production monitoring tool driving innovation and quick results.
  • Easy to install and easy to master tool with proven market traction.
  • Dedicated account manager and system engineer.
  • Full commercial and technical support from Evocon.
  • New leads from Evocon.
  • Personal demo system account and full training.
  • Access to new long-term recurring revenue streams.
  • Access to Partners Resource Centre.

What partners have to say

  • Luis Socconini
    Evocon Authorised Partner in USA
    Lean Six Sigma Institute

    Evocon provides great technology for our clients to make decisions in real time, and improve their productivity significantly. Thank you Evocon team for your professional and responsive support, together we are changing the way Lean Six Sigma and Industry 4.0 is changing the world!

  • Mohamed Taher Mouni
    Evocon Authorised Partner in Morocco
    Beyond 4.0

    As an Evocon partner in Morocco, when I visit my customers, I know I can satisfy their most complex needs. This is due to a very mature solution and, above all, a very reactive support team that is always looking for customer and partner satisfaction.

  • Mikkel Smith
    Evocon Authorised Partner in Denmark
    Flexkom APS

    It is a pleasure to be a partner of Evocon. I’ve only met very professional and positive people eager to help me as a partner. With Evocon we can offer our customers a state-of-the-art OEE solution. Also, it is great with all the customer-friendly setup around the great product – free demo, free trial, and great support.

  • Martin Sartori
    Evocon Authorised Partner in Uruguay
    Genba Tec S.A.S.

    By partnering with Evocon we are able to offer our clients a great production monitoring and OEE tracking solution. Evocon is a robust system with a simple interface that offers the best value for its price. Although it is easy to implement, their support team is always ready to help.

  • Olav Jamtøy
    Evocon Authorised Partner in Norway
    Marinet AS

    Evocon monitors and visualizes in real-time the possibilities to improve OEE, which creates deep insight for possible value creation to our clients. The support from the Evocon team is prompt and sufficient. They continuously improve the system and share best practices with partners.

  • Frederic Weishaar
    Evocon Authorised Partner in France
    Execim Management Consulting

    Evocon has a very pragmatic approach and has minimized bureaucracy for business partners. Support and communication is transparent and professional which to me means satisfied customers.

  • Sergio Lewis Salazar
    Evocon Authorised Partner in Monterrey, Mexico

    Evocon is a team of open-minded professionals with extensive experience. Our partnership is working at a pace I have not seen before. Their tool and level of support exceeds our and our clients’ expectations.

  • Spiros Vamvakas
    Evocon Authorised Partner in Greece & Cyprus

    Evocon is the tool I was dreaming of, working in management roles in the industry. Working with Evocon, is more a pleasure than work!

What you need to succeed?

Checkmark illustration Knowledge

You know what is OEE, how is it used, why digitalization and continuous improvement matters, and how clients can turn their data into value.

Checkmark illustration Experience

You have a proven record of improving production processes on the shop floor level and know what are the main challenges for manufacturers.

Checkmark illustration Network

You are a considerable expert in your field, know who to approach and why, and have a client in mind where to launch a pilot project.

Checkmark illustration Commitment

You're ready to work together with us back-to-back and execute a mutually valuable partnership with Evocon.

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