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Evocon gives your team all the tools they need to improve OEE and understand the production process.

Track real-time factory OEE, micro stops and downtime

The core functions for transparent production

Take your manufacturing to a whole new level with tools that help make every shift a success.

  • Evcon-lineview

    Actual production progress in real-time

    Shift View

    Move beyond just guessing how your production shifts are performing and know precisely what is happening. Detailed information on OEE, downtime, quality, performance, orders, and more – visualized and made easy for you to understand.

  • Evocon-dashboard

    Keep track of what’s most important


    No need to run complicated queries or wait for other people to run reports for you. Your dashboard is always up to date with real-time data, KPI-s and insights that can be customized to match the needs of every user in your company.

  • Evocon-all-lines

    See the big picture

    Factory Overview

    Understanding how your factory is performing at any given time is essential in keeping the focus on the most critical tasks at hand and not wasting time. Factory view is a perfect tool for this, providing you with real-time information on all the machines connected to Evocon.

Features that help support continuous improvement

Take your manufacturing to a whole new level with tools that help make every shift a success.

  • Evocon-reports

    See how your production is progressing


    Easily keep track of all your production data and discover opportunities for improvements with reports on OEE, time usage, downtime, quantities and cycle times. Custom reports also available.

  • Evocon-users

    Drive focus and generate results

    Unlimited users

    The most significant impact of digitization is generated when all departments in your factory have access to gathered production data. Drive focus and get everyone involved with our "unlimited users" feature.

  • Evocon-integrations

    We like to work with your existing databases


    Evocon can be integrated with your existing databases and ERP system. This is useful because when all your production data comes together, it improves both the internal workflow of your organization and the prospects of the company on the market.

  • New features

    Monthly updates

    New features and product improvements are released monthly to ensure you have an up to date system for production monitoring and OEE tracking.

  • oee software shift view
  • Evocon real-time OEE and downtime prodution monitoring dashboard
  • Factory monitoring with real-time overview of production data and OEE
  • Production downtime and OEE
  • Manage all your OEE settings in Evocon
  • Monitor real-time factory OEE, micro stops and downtime

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Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturing companies in 14 different industries use Evocon. The most popular production output that our system registers are pieces and boxes. But the system can also monitor running meters, liters, productive work time and flow production. And even though all companies have a slightly unique production process, we can always find a suitable solution.

To learn more about how to monitor production with Evocon and what hardware you need, read our article: How to Monitor Production and Track OEE Using Evocon?

There are multiple options to connect production signals from your machines to Evocon. The most common way is a new industrial sensor. You can also use a sensor that is already available on your production line or machine. Another standard method is to use a PLC output connection using a relay (e.g. with Andon lights). These signals connect to Evocon’s IIoT device that sends the captured data to our cloud server in AWS.

If you have machines that already collect production data to a local database, then we can set up Evocon as a hardware-free solution (data transfer is via HTTPS API requests).

Learn more: How to Monitor Production and Track OEE Using Evocon?

In general, the hardware you need to collect data from machines or production lines using Evocon is:

  1. Evocon’s IIoT device (used to log production signals)
  2. Ethernet cable
  3. Sensor or relay
  4. A display device (PC or tablet)

The final solution depends on your production process but you can learn more from here: What Hardware You Need and Does Evocon Provide It?

The process of setting up Evocon takes only a few days and consists of three steps:

  1. Contact us, so we can learn more about your production process and suggest a viable, reliable solution for you.
  2. We send the necessary hardware via courier and provide follow-up instructions.
  3. Upon delivery, all your team will have to do is complete the installation by following the simple instructions provided.

When ongoing support is ever required, we’ll provide it free via phone or email.

Learn more: Step by Step Guide: How to Set Up Evocon?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a lean manufacturing tool and universal best practice to monitor, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of a production process. This could be an assembly line, machine cell, packaging line, filling machine, CNC machine, or any other production equipment.

We use OEE because it helps us understand our production process.  By quantifying and visualizing all losses from our production line and machines, OEE not only shows what we produced with our resources but also what we could have produced. In other words, OEE helps us understand the true potential of our factories.

Learn more: What is OEE and how does it work?

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