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Production monitoring has never been easier

Shift View, part of Evocon’s OEE and production monitoring system, helps you track and analyze the performance of all your production shifts across different dates, stations, factories and countries.

Production monitoring, visualized

With Shift View, daily production performance is visualized hourly in an easy-to-understand way, allowing operators to get real-time feedback about their work.

Visualization drastically improves our ability to work with and understand complex data.

User-friendly & simple to use

Evocon is a production monitoring software that won’t tie up your operators with data collection.

It’s user-friendly at its core, needing very little training, and most operations can be completed with a few clicks allowing shift operators to focus on their primary work.

Understand downtime, speed, and quality loss

Evocon’s production monitoring software allows you to automate downtime, speed loss, and quality tracking.

All operators have to do is map reasons to events with a few clicks, giving you the understanding of which issues are most relevant and where to focus your attention.

Source of truth for all teams

Production monitoring is a lot about optimizing machines. But it is mainly about people. With Shift View, in one glimpse, everyone can immediately see what has happened, what the actual issues are, and how to improve OEE.

No more gut feelings, guesses, or finger-pointing.

Improve operational discipline

By implementing Shift View on the shop floor you empower operators with real-time production data and with the ability to report about actual issues in production.

This improves operational discipline and enhances employee involvement.

"Evocon as a real-time OEE tool has engaged the whole shop-floor working with the losses, resulting in faster solving of problems and improved quality of waste elimination projects."

Aivar Künnapuu

Aivar Künnapuu

VP Operations, Sales & Marketing

Yara International ASA

Features that help with production monitoring

  • Downtime, speed loss and quality tracking
  • Access current and historical shifts
  • Hour-by-hour OEE information
  • Real-time production speed analysis
  • Hourly production quantities
  • Information on current and previous production batches
  • Predefined list of loss reasons
  • Capture tracabiltity information
  • Quality and maintenance checklists
  • Integration with your favorite ERP
  • Auto-commenting of scheduled stops
  • Remote communication with your shop-floor

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