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Quality and maintenance checks based on actual production data

With Checklists as your quality control software, you can easily digitize and automate recurring quality and maintenance checks. Harnessing real-time data from machines enables operators to do relevant checks and tasks at the right time, resulting in more efficient quality assurance management.

Visibility into all checks

Checklists keeps track of your production process and triggers quality, maintenance, and other recurring checks for operators at the right time.

All checks are visualized on the production timeline, together with results, ensuring transparency and traceability for your entire team.

Data-based inspection criteria

With our quality control software, you can define inspection criteria based on your needs and requirements, allowing you to tailor checks to your unique production process and products.

Checks can be triggered to appear based on different production events captured by Evocon.

Improve production quality

Reminding operators to do quality checks on time and based on actual production data helps improve the quality of your production.

Moreover, you ensure products meet the highest quality standards by identifying and addressing issues in real-time.

Reduce cost and waste

Identifying and addressing quality issues early will reduce costs associated with scrap, rework, and customer returns.

Furthermore, improved quality control management reduces the amount of waste produced, contributing to your sustainability goals.

Better maintenance

Implementing Checklists as your quality control software also supports your maintenance efforts.

Setting up preventive maintenance checks based on the actual usage of machines and events on the production floor allows you to improve the accuracy and efficiency of maintenance.

Traceability, security and more

The value of automating and digitizing routine checks shouldn’t end with quality and maintenance management.

We see clients setting up checks targeting security and traceability needs and even collecting operator improvement ideas.

"Checklists have changed our company’s culture for the better. Operators want to ensure that all checks are done on time and according to expectations. As a result, decisions are made faster if adjustments to the machines are needed, and we have reduced the number of scrapped products by 20%."

Sebastián Cardona Gómez

Sebastián Cardona Gómez

Improvement Manager

Chala S.A.S

Features that support improved quality assurance

  • Different production triggers
  • Check frequency based on actual data
  • Different types of tasks
  • Clearly visualized results
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Real-time data collection
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Instructions to operators

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