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Production reporting software that is visual and easy to use for everyone

Evocon provides manufacturers with the most impactful production reports and features in order to take action, achieve goals and increase production efficiency. Different reports offer transparency about essential areas, so you know exactly what is going on and why.

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Identify bottlenecks and improvements

Evocon offers reports on OEE, downtime, speed loss, quality, time utilization, and produced quantities.

Different production reports help you see where your biggest bottlenecks are, what is causing productivity loss, and which opportunities are present to improve  production efficiency.

Improve production efficiency

Information about your production process is what empowers you to take action and improve continuously.

Use Evocon’s production reporting system to keep track of your production efficiency and analyze whether the actions you take are having the desired impact.

evocon saving reports

Save time by saving reports

Having to track, compile and present different production reports each day, week, and month takes a lot of time. With Evocon, you can save your most frequent reports for quick access.

Furthermore, you can share your reports and findings with your team to make meetings more productive.

oee and performance tracking evocon

Benchmark performance

Benchmarking and identifying the best (and worst) performing factories, machines, products, operators, or shifts can be achieved with a few clicks.

This makes it easy to get production reports for management so they can identify and decide what needs improving and why.

evocon filtering and downtime analysis

Analyze data the way you need it

Evocon’s production reports come with filtering and chart controls that are easy to use and alloweveryone to access data the way they need it.

Either analyze the big picture or zero in on details – whatever the need, we can provide the answer.

evocon export production data

Export production data

Sometimes a standard approach is not enough. For those who want to dig deeper into production data, full or partial export of all data can be done with just a few clicks.

Export of data can be done to multiple formats, based on preference (e.g. XLSX, PDF).

"A truly great tool for those who want to improve their production and ΟΕΕ. From the first days of its use, we have achieved a significant improvement in efficiency. I highly recommend it."

Kostas Faltsetas

Kostas Faltsetas


Adam Pack

Features that make production reporting effortless

  • Standard production reports on OEE, time usage, and output
  • Reports on all OEE losses – downtime, speed loss, quality
  • Data visualization using different charts
  • Powerful filtering and chart controls
  • Comparison options
  • Saving of reports
  • Visualization of potential
  • Trendlines
  • Sharing of reports
  • PDF downloads
  • Exporting of all or partial data
  • Access to historical data

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