Visual feedback made simple

With Shift View everything is visualized in an easy-to-understand way, allowing operators to get real-time feedback about their work. Visual feedback matters because it drastically improves our ability to work with and understand complex data.

Improve communication

Production is a lot about optimizing machines. But it is mainly about people. With Shift View, in one glimpse, everyone can immediately see what has happened and what the actual issues are. No more gut feelings, no more guesses.

Understand downtime

By automating machine downtime tracking and making it easy for operators to register downtime reasons, Evocon provides you with the data you need to understand which issues are most relevant and where to focus your attention.

Drive engagement

By implementing Shift View on the shop floor you empower operators to report about actual issues in production. No more finger pointing. This improves operational discipline and enhances employee involvement.

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