What hardware is needed?

Before starting your digital transformation with Evocon you need some hardware to automate and digitize the data collection process.

For the free trial, we provide you with all the necessary hardware – Evocon’s IIoT device, sensor or relay to digitize data collection, and cables to connect everything together. All you need is a display device – monitor, tablet or phone.

1. Install sensor

In the first step, you’ll be installing the sensor to digitize your data collection.

The sensor is placed to detect products on a production line or machine. Or if you already have a sensor, then all we need is the signal from that sensor using a relay.

How to install sensor
How to connect hardware

2. Connect hardware

Once the sensor is installed, all you need to do is connect it to the Evocon IIoT device.

Since Evocon is a cloud-based solution, you’ll also need to provide an internet connection using either Ethernet or WiFi. Finally, provide power to the IIoT device.

3. Display data

Once the data is flowing, you’ll need to install a display to visualize the data. This can either be a PC, tablet or TV.

The collected data is then displayed on the shop floor where operators can record reasons for stoppages and get real-time feedback about production performance.

How Evocon works

Increase productivity and remove waste

To use Evocon there is no need to install any programs. Just go to our website, log in, and start analyzing your data.

Below you can find more resources that help you understand how to get started with Evocon.


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