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5 Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based OEE Solution

time clock 8 min read • December 7, 2019 evocon visualises global oee
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In the constantly changing business world, cloud-based OEE solutions are the answer to manufacturers’ questions regarding production monitoring. As part of the digitisation process, the cloud model provides significant benefits to companies of all sizes. Collaboration, affordability, and cost-efficiency, to name a few.

Cloud systems make life on the shop floor much more productive. However, a cloud-based OEE solution can create wonders when compared to an on-premise solution. Here are 5 benefits of these systems and how they can contribute to your production process.

1. Cloud-based OEE solutions enhance collaboration.

  • How can we take faster action when there is an unplanned stop?
  • Is there a more straightforward way to share data across departments?
  • What can be the alternate solution to the neverending spreadsheets?

These questions sound familiar to most of the manufacturers who use paper-based systems. Not surprisingly, the answers lead us to cloud-based OEE solutions.

Collaboration in the cloud environment enables the production team to communicate across departments and factories easily. Compared to traditional methods, employees can share information faster and more efficiently.

Let’s assume that your production line has just stopped due to a technical breakdown. If you are using a paper-based system, an operator (hopefully) marks this stop on paper. The data travels from one spreadsheet to another. Then it finally reaches the person responsible for solving this. In some cases, the information may even be lost.  So, even if the operator solves the problem, the person responsible for preventing this issue from happening again never knows about it.

In the future, the same problem can arise again without the right people knowing. Basically, your organisation keeps losing time and money.

However, if you are using a SaaS solution, the data is accessible right away. It is ready to be shared, acted upon, and analysed for improvements. In a nutshell, cloud solutions turn data into actionable information promptly.

How does Evocon provide efficient collaboration?

What gives Evocon’s cloud-based OEE solution the competitive edge is the data processing speed. So, you have real-time data from your machines without experiencing any problems. Accurate, visualised, and easy-to-understand for all.

Also, there may be times when an operator needs to contact the production or maintenance manager responsible for his/her line. Without leaving his/her place, the operator can directly send them a message and solve the issue. In conclusion, Evocon makes communication easy for everyone in the production team.

engage factory employees to increase OEE

2. All the updates are the responsibility of your provider. 

  • Am I using the latest version of my current system?
  • How can I receive the updates more regularly?
  • Is there a way my team and I can save some time when dealing with the updates?

These are the frequently asked questions by manufacturers who use on-premise systems.

With local servers, the responsibility of keeping everything up-to-date is on you. Not only that but all new updates cost you time and money. However, in the cloud, everything is the responsibility of your provider. So, you have the chance to manage your time more efficiently as well as your finances.

Using a cloud-based system provides you with real-time solutions. The examples include immediate updates, be they bug fixes, security patches or new features. This ensures that you are always using the latest technology. Thus, your life on the shop floor and in the office becomes much easier.

As a conclusion, compared to an on-premise system, you save a lot of time and money with a cloud-based OEE system. So, you can focus on your goals and improve your production.

How does Evocon provide you with the latest updates?

Evocon automatically updates your system at least twice a month. This includes new versions of the software and upgrades to servers. So, you always have access to the latest developments by Evocon.

3. Cloud-based OEE solutions provide you with flexibility in your production goals.

  • How can my team and I react to the ever-changing industry dynamics more quickly?
  • Is there a smart tool that provides us with more flexibility when our plans change?
  • How can I manage the production process more efficiently?

Your organisation may need to adjust its operations and storage needs due to the circumstances in your industry. As your goals change, you need more flexibility. Many companies have adopted the cloud model to be able to make the correct adjustments when necessary.

In another case, you may identify a need for optimisation. So, how can you improve your production process? Where do most of your expenditures lie?

Cloud-based OEE solutions help you optimise your business in many ways. Detecting the root causes of downtime and discovering your hidden factory are only two of them.

In conclusion, the cloud model gives better overall management and standardisation possibilities as well as flexibility in planning.

How does Evocon help you readjust your goals?

Evocon simplifies incoming data by easy-to-grasp visuals. So, you can clearly track your OEE along with downtime, performance, quality, orders, etc.

What is your hidden factory? How long do your stops last on average? And more importantly, why? Evocon gives you a better understanding of what is happening in your production process.

Monitor real-time factory OEE and downtime

4. Latest developments in cloud system help keep your data even more secure. 

  • Should we send our corporate data into the cloud?
  • Is my data protected there?
  • Are there any risks to consider when using a cloud-based OEE solution?

These are the most common questions regarding data security. As more and more providers exchange data, security has become paramount.

Thanks to the latest developments in SaaS and cloud-based OEE technologies, manufacturers are shifting towards the cloud model with these new solutions. That’s because those services can take advantage of robust cloud platforms that are built with security as a priority.

Cloud platform service providers, mainly led by Amazon, Google and Microsoft, can demonstrate better security practices and certifications. This is related to their scale, ability to build data centres and hire the best experts in their fields.

One of the other reasons why companies prefer cloud-based OEE solutions is the developments in authentication, authorisation and encryption technologies. They were challenging to manage or implement in the past. Now, they are used as standards all across the web to move data securely.

How does Evocon keep your data safe?

As for the data transfer, Evocon’s encryption technologies are as secure and even more that of internet banking.

Devices that send production data to the cloud also encode and encrypt the information inside the messages. Additionally, the data collection system is built in a way that no information is travelling across the web. So, even if a message is unencrypted (which is unlikely to happen), production information still stays anonymous.

To ensure data security, Evocon also follows the SOC-2 protocol to keep the clients’ data safe. SOC-2 is an auditing procedure that confirms secure data management. Its five fundamental principles are security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

So, you can make sure that your data is always secure with Evocon’s expert team of developers.

5. Cloud-based OEE solutions reduce costs.

  • What is the alternative to using on-premise solutions?
  • How can we avoid high costs related to training our personnel?
  • Is there a way to lower IT company fees and the implementation cost?

If you are using an on-premise OEE system, you are probably familiar with these questions. One of the reasons why you should implement a cloud-based OEE solution is — cost.

By using this system, you can save on updates as mentioned before. Furthermore, your provider is also responsible for the implementation, training, and support. So,  you only pay for the product, leave the rest to your service provider, and enjoy the cost reduction.

How does Evocon help you reduce your costs?

The more you receive real-time data from your machines, the better you can prevent problems from happening in the first place. So, you automatically reduce your maintenance costs while benefiting from the latest OEE technology. Not to mention the technical support and training benefits you will experience with Evocon.

Furthermore, Evocon offers 2 pricing options depending on your company size and a one-month free OEE trial. So, no matter the size of the company, be it SMEs or corporations, every organisation can benefit from it.

Time to give it a try and maximise your production. Let’s get started!

One of the best decisions you can ever make to grow your business: cloud-based OEE solutions

The production industry is firmly moving towards digitalisation and industry 4.0. This creates ecosystems between different machines, users and production processes. In today’s world of data, using a cloud-based OEE solution is almost inevitable to keep the whole system running and under control.

Using cloud-based OEE monitoring offers similar benefits. You not only have an excellent overview of all monitored processes across your company but also enjoy cost-reduction and effective collaboration. Even when your company has facilities with many machines all over the world with a high number of employees.

Furthermore, all the data moves in the cloud in real time and comes together on your dashboard. Considering all the benefits, why not take action and start today?

As a cloud-based OEE system, Evocon visualises performance with ease and provides you with simplified data. Monitor, analyse and optimise your production.

Get started with Evocon today!